About Vatan

We are one of the UK’s largest doner kebab manufacturing companies, established in 1989.

Our innovated product range is produced in our ‘A’ grade BRC  accredited site based in north London.

As one of the leading doner kebab manufacturers in the UK, we are keen to communicate our extensive product range.

Our customers range from the fast food service sector to multiple retail outlets across UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Our promise is to deliver consistent quality, excellent service and guarantee on time and full, UK wide distribution to all our customers.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to
Our Customers

• BRC “A” Certified

• Product Consistency

• Regular inspections monitored by the European Health      Authorites

• All our supplies are individually inspected and approved

• High level of supervision throughout processing

• Continuous investment in plant and machinery

• Regular bacteriological checks

• Daily cooking check on finished products

• Complete traceability

• On going staff training

• Reliable and quick response

• Competitive prices

• High quality products

• Product training

• Technical back up

• Point of sale material

• Promotional funding

• Friendly and professional staff

• Geographical market research

• Large distribution network

What Is BRC

BRC is an accreditation awarded to companies that are able to comply with the Food Safety & Qualities Standards issued by The British Food Consortium. With this accreditation, the processor can supply any major retailer or food service provider anywhere in the world.

If the retailer were to be inspected by their local health authorities the fact that they are purchasing their products from a BRC approved manufacturer will be of a tremendous benefit showing the authorities they have undertaken their due diligence in sourcing product from a reliable and creditable organisation.


• 100% Confidence In The Product

• Product Description

• Ingredients

• Meat Content

• Spices

• Allergies

• Production Dates

• Use By Dates

• Total Traceability of – meat/ chicken/ spices/ packaging

BRC Certified

Halal Certified

Nationwide Delivery

What our clients say about us

    37 - 44 Mill Mead Rd, London N17 9QU
    Telephone: +44 20 8801 7956
    Email: info@vatan.com

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